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Maybe the best sarcastic conversation in tv history 


Lee Pace slept next to camping out Comic Con goers. (x)

no but imagine you’re just napping and you roll over and lee pace is there looking like a dirtbag frat boy 


Lee Pace slept next to camping out Comic Con goers. (x)

no but imagine you’re just napping and you roll over and lee pace is there looking like a dirtbag frat boy 


"Dude, this is probably the most fucked up thing I have ever read.” Dominic McCormick, son of Admiral McCormick and overall class jerk said as Maddy and Abby walked by. 

It was just before the last bell of the day and the teachers, in a fit of generosity, shooed the kids outside onto the quad. 

It was probably because news of the final declassifying of the mission reports involving John Harrison and the Vengeance disaster had finally happened. This being a school for Starfleet brats, the hallways were humming with excitement and curiosity. 

"I don’t want to know," Abby had said when they met outside her classroom, putting her small hand inside her sister’s as they walked to their favorite spot in the quad, waiting for the rest of the brood to gather. Dad or Papa would be there to pick them up soon enough. 

"Jesus, I didn’t even think that was possible," McCormick exclaimed and leaned further into his Padd. 

Maddy leaned against the wall, turning the music up on her earphones. Abby stared. 

McCormick grinned at her. “I just got to the section about the involvement of the Enterprise. Don’t you want to know how your dad was involved?”

Abby’s bites her lip but ignores him. McCormick is just a bully, always needing to prove that he’s better. And besides, if their dads hadn’t told them about what happened, maybe it wasn’t worth them knowing. 

"Everyone calls your dad a hero, right Kirk?"

"Kirk-McCoy." Abby answers back automatically and then closes her eyes. She hadn’t meant to even speak to him. 

He scans the Padd. “Did you know that he disobeyed a million direct orders?”

"Those direct orders came from a traitor."

"That’s not what my dad said. He said Kirk’s a rebellious punk who should have been taught a lesson."

Maddy takes a step forward, pushing Abby behind her. “Why don’t you go fuck yourself, McCormick?”

"I’m just trying to educate your sister. Everyone lies about Kirk." His eyes are rapidly scanning the padd and his grin gets wider. He turns to the girls. "What a fucking pussy. Did you know he got so injured he almost crashed his ship. That’s what caused the Vengeance to crash. He wasn’t in control-"

McCormick stops as someone launches at him and slams him off the bench. His Padd hits the ground and shatters. “The fuck-“

David McCoy hit him again, square in the jaw, before he could finish even that. 


"Get this freak off me." McCormick yelled, covering his face with his hands as Davie hit him again. 

Maddy pulled on her brother’s shoulders, Abby screamed at him and McCormick groaned. Kids from around the quad ran to join growing circle of bystanders but no one ran to get any of the adults, who were still inside reading the documents. 

"What the hell is going on here?” A rough voice yelled into the den and the sea of children parted, scrambling when they saw an adult. At this point, McCormick had knocked Davie off and onto his side, where both boys were struggling to get a good hit in. Maddy had been knocked off balance and was rubbing at the grass stains in her knees. 

"Papa!" Abby yelled just in time for Bones to grab Davie by his collar and haul him off. 

"Let me go! He’s a fucking moron-" Davie ran forward at Dominic again, who had sat up and wiped his split lip, looking about ready to murder the other boy.

"Language David McCoy!"

Once Bones had set David a few feet away from the group, he helped McCormick up. The kid looked afraid for a moment but Bones leaned in and told him not to be an idiot, he was bringing both boys to the nurse’s and principal office. 

And so they sat, McCormick with an ice pack on his lips and Davie with one on his nose under the scrutiny of both the principal and Doctor McCoy. 

"Three days out of school suspension, it looks like." Admiral Beckett, a retired Starfleet officer and now principal of the school said with a sour twist of his mouth. He hated politics even now, when they usually involved a much smaller scale and no wars. 

Bones shifted, looking uncomfortable for a moment before turning to the Principal and asking for a moment. 

When McCormick and Davie took a step out into the seating room with Maddy and Abby, the door slammed shut just before they heard the muffled shouts of barely contained raised voices. 

"So damn irresponsible. It’s over and now you’re allowing my children to be dragged into this. I swear to God if anything happens like this again, the least you’ll have to worry about is a lawsuit."

"Whoa." McCormick said. "Your dad is a badass."

"Both of them are." Maddy narrowed her eyes at the other boy. 

"Maybe." Dominic said and slunk down in his chair. 

A few minutes later, Bones emerged. He stomped out of the office jabbed a finger out the door. “Let’s go.”


It wasn’t until much later when Dad had come home and Papa and him had a long talk in dad’s office, both reemerged and sat down in the family room. 

Abby had declared her own family emergency and they all sat curled together under the fort. Even George had come from school. 

When their dads walked in, Davie stood up and threw himself at Jim, causing the older man to huff out a breath. He laid a hand on the top of his son’s head, ruffling his hair. 

"Sorry," Davie mumbled. 

"No, kiddo. I’m sorry."

Jim carefully sat down on the floor in front of their fort and Bones followed suit, grumbling about getting too old for this. Jim didn’t grin at him like he usually did. 

They were quiet for a long time.

"Are you okay, Dad?" Jo asked, her eyes searching Jim’s face. 

"I am now. Today was a long day." He sighed. "But, it’s time we shared a story with you. One I wasn’t sure i was ever going to. But you have the right to know."

"Are we finally hearing about how you two met? Because Jo’s only told us pieces-" Chrissy said but was nudged by George. 

"No." Jim grimaced. "This is a different kind of story." He rubbed a tied hand over his face. Maddy realized he was shaking. Papa took his hand and squeezed it, before settling closer toward his husband.

Jim looked at each one of his kids, his expression more serious than they had ever seen it. “This is the story about Khan.”


The American collegiate system in one gif set

How do guys you keep it together on set? How do you get anything done? x


GM: You recognize the riders from legend; they seem to be The Four Horsemen.

Bard-barian, in character: Everywhere we go, there’s demons, angels, demigods bossing us around, wanting favors, getting us into trouble, sending us out for groceries. No more. *shouts to the horsemen* NO. GO THE FUCK HOME.